Friday, March 4, 2011

At least, I've tried.

I've tried, but i still smile in tears. At least, I've tried.
I won't say it was hard, I won't say it was easy,
But it had thought me how to live in solidarity,
People come and go,
Nothing in this world is permanent.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


You really piss me off. Really. ALCC!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Without wings

My weakness has causes me pain
It hurts
I need to know the truth
But sometimes knowing something will be a wiser option
Knowing it might not even help likewise
Because I'm afraid to know the answer
I need somebody to lend on
Your enter into my life
When the dawn falls
You exit from my life
Without a word
Leaving me speechless
Its funny how you shine my life
Making me a greater person
It's also funny how you shine others' life
A part from me is smiling
Happiness is mend to share around
A part from me is tearing
Knowing the fact you may flame off from my life
Everytime you walk into the room
I'm afraid to move
I'm afraid to walk
I'm afraid to talk
I'm afraid to breathe
If only you ever notice
You might think I might not care
You might think I might not bother
But deep inside from the corner of mind
I'm attached to you
You don't know what you do
But I know when you're gone
I'll start to make my own wings
And soar on my own
Soaring and exploring worlds
Partly thanks to you

Roland's Birthday

Everyone will grow old
So will Roland
Now, his older than me few days
But it's still counted right, TEOCHEW?
Who own a super duper good new Nokia phone
Went to Fork & Knife, but it was under renovantion.
With low seating Camry and long legged Matthew, he drove us around to look for place to eat
By luck, hardly any place was opened
Went around Jalan Song and Jalan Padungan (main food attraction) but there was hardly any decent place open
And no one wants to end up eating at McD and KFC...AGAIN
The whole time was dialect-ism. It's a fight between Roland(Teochew), Matthew(Foochow), Ik Wei(Hakka), and me(Hakka & Foochow). I'm siding neither Mathhew nor Ik Wei but i'm definitely against Roland *muahahaha* and driving.....
~after 1 hour~
Finally, we found a place to eat and went to LIFE'S restaurant. Eating "malap" mee. My first time.
Matthew dare us to tried the ultimate spicy. But looks who's sweating here and there... XD
....spend another one hour plus talking craps and Harry Potter...
...birthday boy trying to imitate the talking...
...epic fails...
Then Mattthew send us home :) the driver for the day complaining about petrol

Monday, November 29, 2010

A place I called home :)

This is the end of the the first semester of IRS Russian Programme in Intec
But it's never the time to bid farewell yet
Credit to Cynthia

With loves ~

Finally, I'm stepping into the Land of Hornbill.
Stepping into the Cat city.
There's no other thing better than being in Kuching!
Home sweet home :)

Kuching International Airport

Kuching International Airport during the night

Not to say being in Shah Alam is a bad thing. It's my destiny to be there, so it better be a good reason :)

Time flies really fast. Without realising, I've completed one semester and currently waiting for my result to be post here from SA


Such a short period of 5 months, which had taught me many things that cannot be learnt from the book. I called it, an experience.

Gaining in experience is one of the neccesity in life. Nevertheless, gaining experience makes one a more mature and independent person. It maybe sweet memories you had with you friends, especially those new friends you had met in your life. It maybe also the experience of adventuring something new, such as learning a new foreign language. It can also be those times when people doubted you, leaving you lost in faith.

Being away from home tends to leave you nostalgia. However, this can be overcome when you have good friends there surrounding you and treat like a part of family. Cherish them!

I've also realised that burning the midnight oil doens't always promised you the best result.

Sigh, there are more to say. But this experience...even language fails to express them!

I guess I'll keep them to myself :)

I'm gonna miss my Russian teacher, Mdm. Marina, who had taught us so much. Not just academically, but also giving us endless moral support especially when we got bad marks.

I will always remember what Mr. Evgeny said "It's better to have 100 friends than to have 100 dollars". Mdm. Marina & Mr. Evgeny seemed to treasure friends a lot :)

Waterfront view during the night

Serene Damai Beach Resort

Big Cat statue found in the center of roundabout of Waterfront

One semester has ended.
But don't be sad.
Look forward for the starting new semester!

(Mind my english. I have not been learning English for 7 not so geng anymore)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ze xian nian, yi ge ren
(All these years alone)

Feng ye guo, yu ye zuo
(The wind has passed, the rain has gone)

You guo lei, you guo cuo
(There were tears, there were wrongs)

Hai ji de jien chi shen me
(Things we hold dear I still recalled)

Zhen ai guo, chai hui tong
(If you had true love, the you would know)

Hui ji muo, hui hui shou
(There are loneliness, there are goodbyes)

Zhong you meng, zhong you ni
(There are dreams, always there are you)

Zai xin zhong
(In my heart)

Peng you yi shen yi chi zou
(Friends walk this life together)

Nai xie ri zhi bu zhai you
(Those days will not return)

Yi ju hua, yi bei zhi
(One word, one life)

Yi shen ching, yi bei jiu
(A lifetime relationship, a cup of wine)

Peng you bu cheng gu tan gou
(With friends you wont be lonely)

Yi shen peng you, ni hui dong
(Lifelong friend, you will understand)

Hai you shang, hai you tong
(There are wounds, there is pain)

Hai you zou
(Must go our separate ways)

Hai you wo
(Always there is me)
My favourite song :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Just maybe
A part of loving is
Learning to let go.